Cure Renol

Cure Renol

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Composition Potency Qty
Berberis Vulgaris Q 10%V/V
Sarsaparilla Q 10%V/V
Ocimum Canum Q 10%V/V
Solidago Virgaurea Q 10%V/V
Pareira Brava Q 10%V/V
Senecio Aureus Q 10%V/V
Excipients Q Q.S.
Alcohol content 65%V/V

Severe pain in lower back or sides often symbolises Renal Colic ( commonly kidney stone/s)

Dosage: 10-15 drops in 1/4 cup of water, three times a day or as prescribed by physician.

Homoeo Laboratories was formed by
Dr. Sadashiv Pendse and Smt. Malti Sadashiv Pendse in Mumbai with a great passion for homeopathy.

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